Want To Cut Out Calories But Not Favorite Foods? Recreate Deep Fryer Staples At Home

Who doesn’t like fried food? While we tip our hats to those who rarely indulge, fried food of any variety is an American staple that’s easy to cook and fun to eat. Therein lies the problem: It’s easy to cook because it typically involves little more than bathing the food itself in very hot oil.

It’s the oil that helps to create the unique flavor and crispy outsides of fried products. It’s also the oil that can lead to health concerns later on down the road, namely obesity, clogged arteries and even Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re looking up Power Air Fryer information, we’re here to both tout the benefits of the oil-free cooker and raise concern regarding the traditional method that’s quickly becoming a taboo for the health-conscious  consumer.

While the list of reasons to avoid food fried in oil is long and medically-supported, we’ll list a few of the reasons that cause us the most concern. For starters, consuming too much food fried in oil can clog your arteries and make you more prone to having a stroke. The fact that most foods fried in oil are just about devoid of nutrients compounded by the likelihood of it making you obese should be reason enough to steer clear of eating fried foods when dining out.

That being said, we’d also like to take a moment to tout the benefits of air fryer devices. Harnessing the power of its namesake element and heating it to upwards of 400 degrees, air fryers can recreate some of your favorite dishes – like fried chicken, French fries and even a blooming onion – without the guilt associated with excess calories. The ease of use when it comes to these devices is also worthy of mention. No need to fear scalding-hot vegetable oil that can burn you and ruin clothes; air fryer devices are free of sizzling oil and designed with safety in mind.

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