Power Air Fryer Reviews From Real Customers Reveal Appliance’s Many Uses, Benefits

Before buying anything new, it’s likely that you’ll head online to read some reviews offered up by owners. Without being able to “kick the tires,” so to speak, word-of-mouth is one of the only ways to find out if the purchase you plan to make is a worth-while one. In researching Power Air Fryer reviews, consumers should quickly learn that this appliance really delivers. The premise of an air fryer may be simple, but the payoff is one that’s often elusive. By circulating super-heated air that reaches temperatures of up to 400 degrees, appetizers, main courses, deserts and more are prepared in a fraction of the time that conventional ovens or deep fryers can claim. What’s more , the calorie counts are a fraction of what they’d be if you made French fries, for example, in a deep fryer. Just how drastic is the difference?  If the average order of fries is about 340 calories, the air fryer dish contains approximately 70.

If you’d like to read some Power Air Fryer reviews for yourself before committing to a purchase, we’d like to offer a handful of recent testimonials from users who purchased their own air fryer in 2017. We think that these perfectly display what you stand to gain by making the purchase.

  • “Love the Power Air Fryer XL. We have been cooking everything in it since it arrived. It is one of my top three small kitchen appliance purchases — especially if you have a small household, although it would work for larger families, too. I’m very happy.”
  • “I love my new air fryer. I purchased the medium size and I use it more than my microwave or small convection oven. I have a small kitchen, but the medium size is just perfect and fits right in the corner of the counter. Plus it is very easy to use.”
  • “This has to be the best investment I have ever made. We are so happy about this; we have told a lot of our friends and now they are looking into buying the air fryer. We have used this more than we have used our stove and love the fact that we are eating healthier. We are very pleased and wish I would have bought the baking dish.”

As you can see, Power Air Fryer reviews show that what’s on the box is really possible. If you have a small kitchen or are just looking for a smaller waistline, then this fryer should be your next purchase.

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