‘Fried’ And ‘Healthy’ In Same Sentence? Power Air Fryer Makes It Possible

“Fried food” and “healthy” are two words that seldom appear in the same sentence unless the conjunction “isn’t” is between them. The reason for this isn’t rocket science: Cooking appetizers in a bath of artery-clogging vegetable oil is one of the fastest ways to add hundreds of calories to what could otherwise be a relatively healthy food. For years, those looking to lose weight or simply eat a little bit better would go cold turkey on all their favorites. From French fries to onion rings, mozzarella sticks and chicken wings, many a dieter has had to bid a fond farewell to finger foods. We’re here today to tell you that this no longer has to be the case. That’s because the Power Air Fryer is revolutionizing the way we “fry” food by completely removing oil from the equation.

The way that the Power Air Fryer accomplishes this is – as the name implies – through the rapid circulation of super-heated air. Not only will the final product be crisp and brown just like its deep-fried variant, but it will be ready in minutes and cooked without oil, or with very little oil. That means you won’t have to remove your dish from its scalding bath and place it onto a bed of paper towels in hopes that at least some of grease leaves the food. How much of a difference does a Power Air Fryer make compared to deep-frying? A standard order of French fries contains around 340 calories; its air-fried version is less than 100 calories! We can’t think of a better way to cut calories than by removing the main offenders from your diet and replacing them with a far healthier version. Moreover, using a Power Air Fryer couldn’t be easier. A touch of a button and scrolling through a half-dozen presets is all it takes to get this appliance up and running. Compare that to the mess that deep fryers make – even the smaller at-home versions – and you’ll soon be singing the praises, as well. We also encourage you to consider the additional benefits of an automatic shut-off system to allay any fears about fires or the possibility of burning or overcooking your dishes.

No matter the reason for wanting to eat healthier, a Power Air Fryer is an indispensable tool in that journey. Not only will you be able to cut calories from old favorites, but you can prepare far more than French fries with this appliance. For more information, visit www.powerairfryer.com.

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