Prepare For Healthier ‘Fried’ Food With These Answers To Common Power Air Fryer Questions

power air fryer reviewsAs with any new purchase, you’re bound to have some questions. With that in mind, we’re here to offer some answers and provide additional insight into the hottest kitchen appliance that everyone is talking about: a power air fryer. Generally, this appliance is the go-to replacement for the outdated deep fryer that so many of us have been using for far too long. That’s why those who know that it’s time to cut out French fries and onion rings from their diet — but haven’t found a way to replace them just yet —  are turning to this appliance.


As power air fryer reviews will show you, this state-of-the-art product not speeds up the cooking process but gives you a much healthier dish in the end. This is achieved through the rapid air technology that circulates super-heated air, which produces the same crunchy and crispy texture that you’re accustomed to through typical deep-frying. However, the key difference is that air fryers don’t require cups of unhealthy oil to fry. That means you’ve got a nearly grease-free dish that has far fewer calories. This aspect is one of the often-cited attributes that so many positive power air fryer reviews mention. Since this appliance is capable of so much, we’d like to address some of the more common questions and get you on your way to serving healthier foods that are as fun to cook as they are to eat.


Logistically, you’ll need little more than one foot all around to make space for your air fryer. The actual dimensions are 12.7 inches tall by 13.3 inches wide and 14.4 inches deep. The power cord that’s attached to the appliance is roughly 3 feet and 8 inches long. For those ready to jump in and start cooking right away, we’re happy to report that you can cook frozen foods and won’t have to wait for them to thaw. That means there’s never any need to let that bag of mozzarella sticks in your freezer de-frost before placing them in your air fryer.  The dimensions of the cooking space inside the air fryer are enough to prepare a 9-inch round pizza and a 5-pound chicken.  The eight pre-set cooking options take all of the guesswork out of the preparation process, but air fryer chefs can also input their own time and temperature. For foods that need to be flipped during the cooking process, pressing the  “power” button one time will pause the cooking cycle. Also, opening the door of the air fryer will put everything on pause until the door shuts again. The cooking program that you previously set via the eight pre-set options or the custom timer will pick right up where it left off.


The ease of use and ability to cook at your desired temperature are among other perks mentioned in positive power air fryer reviews. If you’re ready to try the next best thing when it comes to health-conscious cooking with all of the fun appetizers, main courses and desserts that you’ve come to love, then this is the appliance you need to add to your kitchen.

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